Larissa & Cesar: 10/17/09 - Ontario & Pomona

This was a very fun couple to be around. A few months ago I did their engagement session and I had the chance to get to know them. You can really tell this couple are loved as evident by all the family and friends that showed up on Saturday. A lot of having fun, sunglasses, dancing and a lots of drinking. The guys started early if you know what I mean ; )

The ceremony took place at the San Secondo Church in the city of Ontario. This little church is close to the Ontario airport and is kind of hidden amongst industrial buildings. It is very rich in Catholic tradition and just beautiful inside. A definite location to check out if you are still looking for a church venue. We then ended the night with the reception at the Pomona Valley Mining Co.

Congrats guys! Veronica and I had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. Here are a few highlight pics from Veronica. So many good pics it was hard to choose : ) Very good job on the pics my darling, I think I will bring you along to the next wedding ; )

- Robert

San Secondo Church Location

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Pomona Valley Mining Co. Location

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