Fumi & Akane: 2/27/2010 - Marina Del Rey

This Saturday morning started with rain and we got worried, seeing the wedding was gonna take place on a yacht. I can just imagine how the bride and groom felt. But no worries, after a few hours the sky cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful day : ) We hit the ocean with no problems. 

Fumi works for a special effects company in Hollywood and Akena is a student. It's funny - a few days prior to meeting Fumi I was watching "Zombie Land" (yes, I am a zombie movie freak). The effects were pretty cool and gory and I started thinking how some of those effects were done because they looked so real. We started talking and sure enough he mentioned he worked on that movie! It's funny how coincidences happen. 

We had the opportunity to work with Leah from FantaSea Yachts in Marina Del Rey. Everything was very organized and ran smoothly. We have a done a few weddings on a yacht like this and it seems people don't even consider doing something like this which is very unique and different. If you are still looking for a venue location consider doing something like this. Give Leah a call.

Conrats guys, we had a blast and we wish all the best!

- Robert & Veronia

p.s. In a few days I will upload their wedding highlight video so stay tuned!

UPDATE 3/22/10: Highlight Video